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Packaging is what we do at Colony. It has been a specialty of ours for the last 50 years. We built our reputation by:
  • Representing the best manufacturers in the business
  • Delivering quality products at competitive prices
  • Fielding a knowledgeable sales team
  • and Backing them up with dedicated, experienced in-house customer service staff.
When you combine those strengths with a modern warehouse, converting capabilities, equipment service, and a large fleet of delivery trucks, you have a total solution for your packaging needs.

We are constantly researching the packaging market, negotiating with manufacturers, attending packaging trade shows, and learning from you, our customer. The world of industrial packaging is constantly evolving and changing. New methods, materials, and automation are being introduced to the marketplace every day. Choosing a packaging supplier that has made an investment in understanding the market only makes your business more competitive and efficient. 

If you are ready to make the best investment you can for your company, contact us directly.

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