Ranpak WrapPak PS

The WrapPak PS converter forms two sheets of fanfold kraft paper into a resilient and shock absorbing 12-in. wide wrapping pad to protect product during shipment. WrapPak’s packaging wrap is ideal for securely wrapping products, lining the bottom of a box, or product separation. Ranpak's patented fanfold paper with splicing tape virtually replaces the need to reload the converter, optimizing uptime and throughput while minimizing changeovers. A fully loaded WrapPak PS produces up to 1,500 ft. of wrapping pad on demand — up to six times the amount of a typical roll of bubble.

  • Fast - produces 18 inches of wrapping pad per second
  • Adaptable - 3 modes of operation tailor to specific applications
  • Small Footprint - compact bundles and on demand production capabilities allow for minimal storage space
  • Environmentally Friendly - 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable paper

Weight:85 lbs 
Power:120 VAC 
Feed Rate:12" or 18" per second 
Controls:Located on Converter 
Cut Method:Electronic Motor 
Packing Height:43" (chute height) 
Operating Modes:Foot pedal, repeat and pre-set 

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