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The zcM1000E is an electronic tape dispenser for dispensing two tape rolls and is ideal for medium to high production facilities.

  • Dual sensor cutting head (two photo sensors) that allows for the dispensing of two tape rolls. Great product!
  • This operation feeds and cuts when both pieces are removed
  • Ideal for medium to high production facilities
  • Automatically advance and cut tape
  • Digital length adjustment
  • Accepts tape widths from .28" to 2" (7 to 50.8 mm)
  • Cuts tape lengths from .79" to 39" (20 to 999 mm)
  • Adjustable pressure feed to help prevent curling of tape
  • Manual override of preset lengths
  • Photocell actuated feed mechanism & cutter or push button feed & cut
  • Cabinet made from flame retardant antistatic material (auto ignition of 896° F/ 480°C)
  • Comes with a 3" (76mm) core, others available
  • Accuracy of tape length is +/–.04" (1mm), dependent on type of material
  • Many available accessories fit this machine. See Accessories section.

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