Clamco 7000SW

The Clamco 7000SW is a semi-automatic sleeve wrapper for shrink bundling applications. The intermittent motion inline 7000SW produces packages with open ends, often called a bull’s-eye. This bundler can be used for wrapping a wide range of products, from trays to cartons or bottles. The 7000SW can produce an output of up to 10 packages per minute. This sleeve wrapper is designed for use with 1.2–4 mil polyethylene film and is well suited for bundling applications in the food, beverage, and contract packaging industries.

  • Speeds up to 600 bags per hour (Capable of 10 Cycles Per Minute)
  • 20 program memory for fast set up of commonly packaged products
    • Auto Length Product Detection for standard packages
    • Preprogrammed package length for irregularly shaped products
  • Heat tunnel with air flow control to optimize film shrinkage
  • Adjustable airflow control by independent diverters
  • Enhanced microprocessor for easy set up and monitoring
  • Display of key packing statistics, including production rate and efficiency
  • Sealing enhancements:
    • Constant Heat Seal Bar with Cold Knife provides high quality and strong consistent seals
    • Pneumatically Operated Seal Bar with safety device, ensures seal integrity
    • Side Seal Flattening Rollers provides a smooth shrink finish of film
    • Adjustable Cooling Fan for quick cooling of film
  • Conveyor enhancements:
    • Adjustable speed controls
    • Adjustable working height conveyor (37–43.5 inches)
  • Both Upper and Lower Film Powered Film Unwind gives easy feed of film and reduces tension
  • Easy Side Film Rollers provided for loading film replacement
  • Patented Heat-Resistant Fiberglass Tunnel Belt (square rods) for optimum product support
  • Automatic Cool Down allows full production run time

  • 30″ Wide Seal Bar, Utilizes Maximum Film Width of 29″
  • Maximum Film Roll Diameter: 13.5″
  • Maximum Product Height: 15″
  • Maximum Product Length: 78″
  • Feed rate: 10–40 Inches/Second
  • Power Requirements: 220 V, 48 amps, 3 ph
  • Air Requirements: 80 psi
  • Machine Dimensions: 102″ L x 50″ W x 85″ H
  • Safety Sensors
  • CE Compliant
  • 2 year limited warranty

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