Honeycomb packaging is a paper-based material that offers a unique combination of superior strength whilst being light-weight.

Honeycomb or Hexacomb provides the highest levels of protection due its ability to cushion and absorb shock allowing products to transport safely, minimizing product damage and returns.

Your product protected against supply chain damages

  • Provides cushioning (prevents product breakage, dents, scratches etc.)"
  • Outstanding shock absorbance
  • Fills gaps or holes = void filling
  • Reduces/eliminates product shift during transport (stabilize loads)
  • Provides stacking strength up to 800 kPa at best ratio compression/weight/cost
  • Provides rigid support, structure and stability

Our planet protected by using lightweight papers being 100% recyclable

  • Quantified sustainability benefits in CO2 footprint, transport movements and costs
  • Proven paper waste collection up to 85%

A knowledgeable company

  • Reducing your outgoing freight costs because of double stacking, reduced transport damages, less re-shipments
  • Reducing your labour and/or handling cost
  • Guaranteed performance on certificate delivery (glass spacers)
  • Paper, honeycomb and corrugated integrated knowledge enabling mono-material lightweight solutions
  • Testing; Absorption, drop, compression, (digital) printing, cutting

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