Lidding Film

Eliminate the many components traditionally used in packaging your products into one cost effective solution. Lidding Film incorporates your custom package design, logo, nutrition facts, bar codes, and tamper-evident protection into one simple step.

  • Custom Rotogravure and Flexographic Printing
  • Seals to most substrates including CPET, APET, PP, PS, PVC, HIPS, Foil, Sugar Cane Trays, Paperboard, Ceramic Pots, Glass Bottles and Jars
  • Can be chilled, frozen, microwaved, and dual ovenable for all tray types to ensure that we meet all spec requirements
  • Self-venting in microwave or oven→no need to pierce the film before cooking and can act as a slow release steamer!
  • Steam, Fry or Crisp in the microwave
  • All film peels cleanly as one piece with no tearing
  • Choose from one of our recyclable, compostable, or sustainable substrates. This includes the world’s first biodegradable, peelable PLA film.
  • Broad sealing window, high clarity, anti-fog, wieldable perforated seal layer, carrier & barrier layers also available.
  • Resistant to moisture, fats, oils and grease.
  • Steam and pressure control
  • Barrier film option available to extend shelf life
Pick your peel:
  • ECP→ Easy Cold Peel
  • MP→ Medium Peel
  • SP→ Strong Peel
  • PS/WS→ Hot Peel only
  • GP & OR→ General purpose film

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